How to Place a Bid on Legal Bistro

Bid-for-Placement: what does it mean? Why do we need it?

A bid is a sum of money that a lawyer offers for the opportunity of talking to a client, to receive his contact information and discuss his case (the minimum amount you can bid on is 6 law dollars).

It’s important to remember that a lawyer’s bid on a case determines where in the list of competing, “bidding” lawyers their profile will be displayed to the clients, who posted the case. The profile with the highest bid will be displayed first and the lowest, respectively, the last.

A lawyer’s account is only charged (with the sum of their bid) once a consumer requests that the lawyer should contact them to discuss their case.

In other words, you decide what you are willing to pay to speak with a potential customer and where in the lawyer profile search results you wish to have your profile listed. So you see, it all depends on you, really – so make the best of it!

gg57223669You have to keep in mind that there are only 5 lawyer profiles displayed on each page. According to the researches, less than 10 % of consumers view the profiles presented on the second page and the next pages receive even less attention, if any at all. So top of the list provides the best chances to get the case! And who do you think should be on the top? Of course it’s you!

So here’s how it works:

  1. Once you place a bid we will notify the client that you are interested in handling his case.
  2. You are advised to write a private message to a consumer providing Top 3 reasons why you are the best lawyer to handle their case.
  3. Pay for success only: your account will be charged ONLY with the amount of your bid and ONLY IF the potential client requests that you contact them upon looking up your profile information.
  4. You will then be provided with their contact information (e-mail address, phone number, schedule for meetings, etc.).Now it’s up to you to close the deal! Nail it!

While managing your profile, please pay attention to the variety of tools we provided for you to help you handling your profile and your cases. You can find them on the Manage Tab:

1. My Views – Cases that you have previously viewed

2. Viewed Me – Consumer who posted a case who has viewed your Legal Bistro profile

3. My Favorites – Cases that you have viewed and saved to your Favorites

4. Like Me – Clients who added you to their Favorites

5. My Notes – Cases that you added notes to

6. My Bids – Cases you have put a bid on

7. My Blocks – Clients’ profiles you have blocked, thus preventing them to visit your profile and get access to any information you have there

Please, do not hesitate to use them to make the process easier for you!

For more detailed information and illustration of the process of placing a bid you are welcome to check on the video below which introduces the key points of placing a bid. It’s all really easy!

Acquire new clients with Legal Bistro!

Our motto is "When Lawyers Compete You Win!" If you are a consumer in need of legal services, you can post your case anonymously and Free of Charge. If you are an attorney seeking new clients, you may register on the site for free. You will only pay when a client requests that you contact them to discuss their case.

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