Are You Getting Divorced? Top 9 Warnings For People Entering The Divorce Process

divorceDivorce is a difficult process tearing asunder your emotions and feelings but it is very important to keep calm and have rational and clear mind because your anger, jealousy or other emotions can affect your actions in a negative way. We are presenting you top 9 divorce warnings to prevent you from making common mistakes that people usually do during divorce proceedings.

  1. Don’t lie to your lawyer because he/she is there to help you. The more the lawyer knows, the more they can help. There is no point in hiding the truth as ugly as it may be.lies
  2. Don’t lie to the court because this is a crime and the whole trial process might be suspended if you are caught lying. If there are sensitive areas in your case, you’d better work with your lawyer on what you are going to say, but please, don’t misrepresent.
  3. Don’t involve your children in this process and don’t use them as pawns in the battle against your spouse. By this you are not only harming your case but also harming your children. They already suffer from the fact that their parents are not going to be together anymore.chil
  4. Don’t hide or fail to produce documents because the spouses have an absolute rights to see each other’s documents. You have to produce documents quickly and voluntarily.
  5. It is not advisable to refuse to cooperate with a court appointed expert. They are appointed to gather information about a family and make a recommendation regarding an appropriate parenting plan. Cooperate and be on time for appointments and treat the expert with the appropriate respect.
  6. Do not settle prematurely, before you know what is fair. Make sure you know the nature and extent of the assets, and get additional information if you don’t.
  7. Don’t take out your stress in unhealthy ways. This is wrong time to start drinking or have unhealthy behavior. Take out your stress in healthy ways, like at the gym, sports or in talking to friends or a counselor.divorce2
  8. Don’t fail to try to resolve the case outside of the court. It might be reasonable to settle a divorce without a trial and many clients benefit from mediation.
  9. Be economically rational in negotiations. Are you really winning if you spend $1000 on lawyers to argue over a $50 lamp? Be reasonable in negotiations!

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