Recruiters Expand Their Use of Social Network Sites for Job Candidates


In a recent CNET article written by Lance Whitney entitled: Heads up, LinkedIn users: 93% of recruiters are looking at you, A recent survey from Jobvite found that 93 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, up from 87 percent last year and 78 percent in 2010. FaceBook and Twitter also realized similar growth rates.

Overall, 92% of employers and recruiters are already using or plan to use social network sites as a source for locating job candidates.  Of the recruiters polled, 73% reported that they had hired someone who was either found or introduced through a social network. An astonishing 89% found someone through LinkedIn while only 26% and 15% respectively were found through FaceBook and Twitter. Kudos to LinkedIn!

So what’s the bad news?  Job candidates beware! When preparing your resume, it’s important to keep in mind that what you say and how you say it will be available to millions of social network users.  Everything from simple grammatical mistakes to more serious resume embellishment will now be on stage for the world to see.  Yes, visibility comes at a price so it’s critical to put the time and effort into developing a resume that is both accurate and professional.

Although not addressed in the article, the obvious question seems to be will recruiters and employment agencies someday be displaced or dis-inter mediated by the social networks?  Only time will tell.

Technology Post – Skype Reaches 100 Billion Call Minutes in Q1 of 2012

In a New York Times article written by Nick Wingfield entitled: $8.5 Billion Deal for Calling Service Presents a Puzzle, Skype has reached some very impressive milestones since being acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billion:

  • The number of people using Skype has increased 26% to more than 250 million
  • Call minutes have increased 40% to 100 billion in the first quarter of 2012

Microsoft has big plans for Skype. The Company plans to integrate Skype into Lync, a communications product aimed at businesses.  A second priority is to make Skype video conferencing work on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console.

This is not the first time that Skye has been part of a much larger organization.  In 2005, Skype was acquired by eBay for $2.6 billion.  After the acquisition, the audience for Skype soared.  But when expected synergies with eBay did not materialize, eBay spun off Skype into a separate company with new investors. Let’s hope that the second time proves to be a charm for the Company!


Technology Post – Could Solar Airplanes Revolutionize Air Travel?

Solar Impulse en route to Madrid.(Credit: Solar Impulse/Screenshot by Michelle Meyers/CNET)

Will solar powered airplanes soon revolutionize air travel?  On Friday, May 25, 2012 the Swiss sun powered aircraft called Solar Impulse flew from Switzerland to its first stopover in Madrid as part of a 1,550 mile journey across the continent.  The flight was completed without using one single drop of traditional airplane fuel.

The wingspan of the plane is more than 200 feet.  The enormous wingspan provides for aerodynamic efficiency and houses the more than 12,000 solar panels that soak up the sunlight required to power the Solar Impulse during the day and charge its lithium polymer batteries to keep it aloft at night.

A round-the-world flight is being planned for 2014.  Currently the average ground speed achieved by the plane is only 55.3 mph as the first leg of the intercontinental flight took more than 17 hours to complete.

Additional information can be found in the CNET article written by Michelle Myers entitled: Solar plane midway through first intercontinental flight.

Alternatively, you can visit the Solar Impulse website.  The Company has an excellent video -



Technology Post – Yahoo Launching New Browser Called Axis



In an effort to better monetize the nearly 700 million people using Yahoo, the Company has announced the launch of a new search engine called Axis.  Yahoo’s objective is to eliminate the “middle step” in the usual search process by taking the searcher directly to a web page.  Web page thumbnails are presented to the searcher in a horizontal display.

A complete overview can be found on CNET in an article entitled:Here comes Yahoo’s own Web browser — Axis by Rafe Needleman.  The article also contains an excellent video covering all of the most significant features and functions.


Technology Post – Google Chrome Becomes Most Popular Web Browser


All lawyers and law firms who are publishing and managing a website will want to make sure to have optimized their website for Google Chrome.  After many months of gaining market share on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome has finally overtaken IE to become the world’s most popular search engine.

According to new data from StatCounter, via TheNextWeb, the following is a breakdown of market share for each of the major browsers:

  • Google Chrome rose to 32.8%
  • Internet Explorer dropped to 31.9%
  • Mozilla Firefox 25%

Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Chart