Writing an Effective Biography on Legal Bistro Helps Attorneys Get New Clients!

Why should a lawyer bother to write an outstanding biography and why is it the most important part of the lawyer profile? It’s so simple!

A bio is a snapshot of a lawyer’s professional experience:

  • who they are,

  • what they do,

  • specialist expertise and

  • examples of client work.

A good biography “sells” their expertise to potential new clients.

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For Lawyers Seeking to Build an Online Image – Invest in Your Profile


There’s nothing more important for a lawyer advertising online than to put the time and effort into developing a complete profile or bio.  Just ask Larry Bodine of the Law Marketing Blog who recently posted the article: 56% of Law Firm Website Visits Go To Attorney Bios.

Larry’s Posting highlights the following as being some of the most important elements of a profile that result in generating new business:

  1. Peer Reviews and Recommendations From Other Lawyers
  2. Client Reviews and Testimonials
  3. Links to Published Articles or Speeches
  4. Case Histories of Results Obtained for Clients
  5. A Brief Description of How You Work With Clients
  6. A Recent Color Photo

While a prospective client may be primarily interested in your professional credentials, studies have shown that many consumers are intimated by the legal system.  It is important for a prospective client to see you as both a legal professional and a human being.  Showing your human side could be achieved through describing your hobbies and interests; presenting information about or photos with your family; etc.

If you are still having doubts, simply look to the success of social network websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + before making your final decision.  Photos, articles and testimonials will help bring your profile to life on the Internet.  While nothing can replace a good face-to-face meeting with the prospective client, many consumers are using the Internet to screen lawyer candidates.