Why Lawyers Love Legal Bistro


Are you happy with the current Return on Investment (“ROI”) for your online legal services marketing dollars?  Are you spending too much of your time qualifying leads? wasting time imagesDo you know anything about the visitors to your law firm’s website besides their IP Address and the date and time of their visit?  More specifically, are you being provided with case specific  facts that will help you evaluate their legal needs?

If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions then perhaps you will appreciate why lawyers love Legal Bistro.


You decide what cases you see based on the Practice Groups, Case Types and Tag or Key Words used when defining your Areas of Practice.

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First Amendment Violation: Separation Of Church And State


In a recent Wall Street Journal article written by Jacob Gershman entitled: For Next Big Religion Case, High Court Goes to Greece, is reported that the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to rule on a case whether an upstate New York town violated the Constitution by opening its public meetings with a Christian prayer.

The case centers on the Town of Greece, near Rochester, which had routinely invited Christian clergy to deliver prayers, most of which contained references to “Jesus Christ,” “Jesus,” “Your Son,” or the “Holy Spirit.”

Town residents claim the practice violated the separation of church and state of the First Amendment.

Constitutional scholar Carl Tobias, of the University of Richmond School of Law, said “It’s a very delicate and difficult issue”.

The outcome could have wider implications beyond legislative invocations, Mr. Tobias said. It could have an impact on everything from school prayer to what may be recited at funerals for state troopers.

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Chicago Panhandlers File a Class Action Lawsuit


Our constitutional rights under the First Amendment give all of us the right to speak what is on our mind.  According to a Wall Street Journal Blog posting by Sam Favate entitled: Chicago Panhandlers File First Amendment Lawsuit, eight Chicago panhandlers decided to enforce their rights by filing a federal lawsuit seeking class action status against the City of Chicago.  Their complaint was filed on the basis that the police make them move from a high end section of Michigan Avenue known as the “Magnificent Mile”.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that the City of Chicago has been faced with this type of lawsuit. In 2003., the City settled a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of people arrested or ticketed for panhandling.