How To Enforce A Divorce Decree

divorce decreeDuring a divorce process, a court enacts a divorce decree. Usually this is a court order that must be followed by both ex-spouses. If one of the ex-spouses fails to act in accordance with it, the other ex-spouse can take steps to enforce this order.

If you have problems with your ex-spouse abiding the divorce decrees, you should firstly request the proper forms from your local courthouse. You can take them home and fill them our carefully describing in detail each breach of the divorce decree. It is important to include a description of how the breach has impacted you and docsyour children, if you have ones. For more credibility, don’t forget to attach any written proof of the violations to the completed paperwork:

  • emails
  • invoices
  • correspondence and others.


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Are You Getting Divorced? Top 9 Warnings For People Entering The Divorce Process

divorceDivorce is a difficult process tearing asunder your emotions and feelings but it is very important to keep calm and have rational and clear mind because your anger, jealousy or other emotions can affect your actions in a negative way. We are presenting you top 9 divorce warnings to prevent you from making common mistakes that people usually do during divorce proceedings.

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Mediation 1+1=3. When Two Fight the Third intervenes

Many times the act of justice leaves the parties unsatisfied with the judicial decision and generates conflict between them, because one of them thinks he lost in “looser-winner” game. Mediation is a good alternative in solving problems between two conflicting parties.


Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party intervenes between two conflicting parties to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable decision. It is an effective tool for resolving almost all civil non criminal disputes. Mediation generally takes a much less time that litigation resulting in less hourly fees paid to the attorneys and mediator.

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The Best of Both Worlds – “de facto” Spouse Status

A Wall Street Journal Blog posting written by Sam Favate entitled; All the Perks of Divorce, but without Marriage, discusses an ongoing case in Canada about a couple who had lived together for a decade but did not get married (i.e. “de facto spouse status”).  They had three kids together and ended their relationship more than 10 years ago.

The woman in the relationship challenged Quebec’s law on the basis that it discriminates against unmarried couples and sought to get the same benefits to which a married woman would be entitled.  One important fact is that her former partner is a billionaire.  A decision is expected sometime in July.



Preparing a Financial Affidavit in a Divorce Proceeding


Going through a divorce can be painful in many ways.  The emotional stress alone can at times be overwhelming so why add to that stress when preparing your Financial Affidavit?

Jeff Landers has written an excellent article for Forbes Magazine entitled; The Five Key Points Divorcing Women Need to Know About Financial Affidavits

The article is a must read for anyone who is currently going through or will soon be going through the process of preparing a  Financial Affidavit.  Our advice is simply that “an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure”.  While your attorney can assist you in many ways throughout the divorce process, organizing your financial records is one of the most important aspects of preparing your case.  The better prepared that you are in presenting your financial profile, the easier that it will be for your attorney to achieve the kind of results that you are seeking.

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Can a Family Lawyer Really Help You in This Case of a Man Who Fathered 30 Children?


Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, along comes the story of a 33 year old man from Tennessee who has fathered 30 children with 11 different women.  The article can be found on JDJournalNothing But the Truth

Included in the article posted on JDJournal is a short video from Buzz60 which provides additional details and photos -

We would like to thank JDJournal for publishing a human interest story which illustrates that no matter how good the family lawyer is handling the child support payments for one of the 11 unfortunate women that you can’t get blood from a stone.  Since Desmond Hatchett, the father of all 30 children, only earns the minimum wage, some of the women receive as little as $1.49 in child support payments each month.  How ironic is it that Mr. Hatchett is seeking relief from the court in lowering his monthly child support payments?