Immigration Trough Adoption. Understanding The Hague Process

Immigration through Adoption: Hague ProcessThe process of adopting a child was always very sensitive from the economic and legal point of view, especially when it comes up to intercountry adoption (when the child lives in a different country). In this case, the Immigrant Law plays its role, making the whole situation even harder. Everyone going through this procedure has to deal with Hague Convention, and the best decision that a potential parent can make before starting the process – is to hire a professional adoption lawyer that will assist you in your case. But first, let’s have a deeper insight into the concept of “Hague Process”.

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What is a Family-Based Visa and How to Get One?


Nowadays people from all over the world aspire to live in the United States and leave their home countries. Immigrants go through a hefty process wanting to end up where you are now in the U.S., living with independence and freedom. But, immigrants can’t walk into the United States even if they have family members who live in the U.S., they’re required to go through a series of steps that can take years just to be with the ones that they love.

  • During 2012, there were 1,031,631 immigrant admissions to the United States.
  • 680,799 of these admissions were Family-sponsored immigrants.

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Adoption – Welcome a New Life in Your Family


Adopting a child can be one of the best decisions a person or a couple can make. By this one can give a child a better life, chances for education and integration in the society. Adoption is a complicated process when an adult person becomes the guardian of the child and receives the rights and responsibilities of a parent.


If you are considering adoption you should ask yourself whether you want an open or closed adoption. An open adoption allows the biological mother to choose her child’s adoptive parents. A closed adoption means that the mother of the child gave all the rights to administrative agency to lead the process of selection of parents.

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How Not to Protect Your Inheritance!


If you are considering adopting your former husband as your child in order to increase your claims to an inheritance, you might want to reconsider.  This bizarre case was featured in today’s JD Journal entitled:  Heiress Adopts Former Husband as Son to Grab Inheritance: Court Rejects Rights

In this case, the inheritance was to be split among the children and grandchildren of the deceased.  Because, Susan Gore had only 3 children, while her 3 siblings each had 4, her inheritance would not be as large as her siblings.  She and her son hatched a plan to adopt her then ex-husband as her son in order to make sure she would get an equal share.

A year after his adoption, the ex-husband made it clear he would not share the fortune with Susan’s 3 children, and it had been her intent to “un-adopt” him, however, her mother died in the meantime, leaving it up to the court to decide the fate of the fortune.

The court did ultimately decide that because the adoption was to knowingly circumvent the intentions of the deceased, that the ex-husband would not be entitled to a share of the inheritance.   All I can say is, “Oh what a tangled web we weave.  When first we practice to deceive” (Sir Walter Scott).