Technology Post – Biometric Information Could Save Lives in Automobiles


In a recent article written by Jim Henry for Forbes Magazine entitled: “Some Day, Your Car Could Tell You to Take a Chill Pill”, Jeff Greenberg of Ford Motor Co. Research and Advanced Engineering reports that driving distraction could be significantly cut down by analyzing biometric information.  Ford is experimenting with a special steering wheel that can take your pulse and use the information to tell how hard you’re gripping the wheel, and how sweaty your palms are, good indicators of stress.

While the biometric sensors are analyzing your pulse, other sensors keep track of how fast the car is going; whether it’s on a straightaway or a twisty road; whether it’s a familiar route, or new to the driver.  With all those inputs and more, your car could automatically decide you’re too busy to take a call right now, and send all incoming calls to your phone’s answering machine.

The Ford Evos concept car, which was unveiled last year, is a platform for many of these experimental approaches. Ford said at the time it was looking at biometric data including the driver’s pulse, but didn’t share many details.

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