Technology Post – The Unstoppable Galaxy S3


Can anything stop the new Galaxy S3 from working?  In a CNET article written by Don Reisinger entitled:Samsung: Don’t blame the Galaxy S3 for burning up,   Samsung announced that the Company’s recently released Galaxy S3 Smart Phone has been exonerated following an earlier report of the phone burning up.

Last month, an Ireland based forum poster reported that the phone was sitting in a “car mount when suddenly a white flame sparks and a bang came out of the phone” and that the device “burned from the inside out” and melted its case.

What we found to be more interesting than the reported fire problem was that the phone kept on working but had lost its signal.  Could this be Samsung’s response to the Eveready Battery?

Samsung hired a third-party organization, Fire Investigations U.K., to inspect the damaged device. That investigation found that the trouble with the phone occurred only after the device had been exposed to an energy source which was used to heat the phone and ultimately caused the damage.  The conclusion was that the phone had been placed in a microwave oven.

Our compliments to Galaxy and its new S3 for demonstrable durability and reliability!

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