KarNanny – An Innovative New Way to Watch Your Kids (or Cheating Spouse) Through Your Car

In January of 2013, General Motors unveiled a new development platform for in-car entertainment system applications.  Developers are now able to signup and create apps for GM cars via a new Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API).

Panasonic is providing the technology behind GM’s new in-car entertainment platform. The system will be included in several GM cars this year, and allows developers to build apps based on HTML5 that can then be downloaded and installed by drivers long after they have purchased their vehicles.

One hack from your Disrupt NY Hackathon, known as KarNanny, seeks to allow customers see where their children are driving and obtain notices when they’re being unsafe.  Other uses for the application are the following:

  • Track the driving activities of your spouse to identify patterns that may indicate your spouse may be cheating on you;
  • Rental Car Fleet Owners may want to track and monitor the activities of those who rent their vehicles to record their driving speed; locations visited; etc.

The KarNanny application could be installed placed on the GM infotainment system and setup to run transparently (i.e. without anyone’s knowledge). The actual energy of Kar Nanny originates from mobile applications that interact with the on-board system to seize info and display it on customers’ cell phones. Additionally to real-time location data, additionally, it monitors driving history, so that you can observe how fast your children were driving or just how much gas remains within their tank.

Customers of the KarNanny system will be able to input user-defined criteria which would then be used to send alerts to the customer’s cell phone. For Example: If you suspect your spouse of cheating with your best friend, you could specify in the application to send an alert to your cell phone whenever your spouse visits your friend’s address and another message when they leave.

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