Yearly Thousands of Immigrants in U.S. receive Notice of a Deportation Order

If you are an immigrant in the country you live, make sure you live and act according to the law of that country. Having a good “reputation” is very important in order to maintain your staying rights. Otherwise rises the risk of deportation.


Deportation is a removal of an immigrant from the country. Reasons for this may be:

  • fraud or falsifying a fact in order to get a visa, green card etc.
  • conviction of:
    • ┬ánarcotics crime
    • murder
    • money laundering
    • illegal trafficking of firearms
    • crime of violence

So, deportation occurs when the alien has violated immigration laws.


Even if you received a deportation order, there are still several possibilities to suspend deportation. In this case you must be continuously and physically present in the United States for at least 7 years, have good moral character and prove that if deported, you or your family would have a serious hardship.


Deportation occurs over a long period of time giving you time to prepare your case. There must be valid reasons for your deportation, but you may present arguments as to why the government should allow you to remain in the United States. The right immigration lawyer who specializes in handling deportation cases may be able to secure your legal right to remain in the country.

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