What is a Business Visa and How to Apply for One


Business Visa also known as a B1 visa –  is a non-immigrant visa to the USA. It is available for anyone who would like to travel to the U.S. for a short period of time for business related reasons that do not require actual labor work or receiving payment from any U.S. company. A business visa is appropriate for a variety of activities of a commercial or professional nature including, but not limited to:

  • Attending a scientific, educational, professional or business convention or conference on specific dates;
  • Participating in sporting or charity events;
  • Collaboration on independent research at a scientific or educational institution;
  • Short- term training;
  • Meetings with the business partners or negotiating a contract;
  • Settling an estate;
  • Transiting through the U.S. under certain conditions.

You should apply for a visa as soon as possible as the wait time for the interview
appointments may vary by the consulates and some may require more time. Additional delays may be caused by security clearances or administrative processing that may be needed after the interview in some cases. You may apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country.

To receive a B1 visa you are required to prepare documents, which are listed below:

  • Passport valid for 60 days beyond the expiration date printed on the immigration visa;
  • A photograph satisfying a peculiar model, quality and dimension as in the example: visa photo
  • Complete the non-immigrant visa application DS-160, which is available online on the government website.

The visa application fee is 160 U.S. dollars and it must be paid in the U.S. currency. DON’T FORGET to provide a receipt of the paid fees.

No matter how strong your case is, you should not automatically assume that you will get the visa. You should provide any documents proving your strong ties to the home country. Those documents could be : your job contract and a letter from the employer; certificate of marriage, birth certificates of your children, if you have ones; property documents, investments, bank accounts, etc.

REMEMBER! Do NOT present false documents!!! Misrepresenting can lead to ineligibility for your visa. If you need any legal help do not hesitate to contact us on Legal Bistro and let qualified Personal Immigration lawyers compete to handle your case!

Plan your travel well in advance! 

For additional information, please watch our Business  Visa video:

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