Deciding to Immigrate? Top Ten Tips for a Successful U.S. Immigration

Deciding to immigrate involves a lot of research planning and reassessment of your current life. Here are the top immigration tips for you to follow:

  1. Plan everything in details. If you are already in the USA and you need renewal of your documents, you must apply in advance. Most green cards are valid only for 10 years. In case your green card or immigration visa has expired, and you haven’t a new one, you can be arrested or deported. In order to avoid these things it will be good for you to plan everything in
  2. Think about citizenship in the USA. In case you already have a green card, and you want to live permanently in the USA, it will be necessary to file for U.S. citizenship as soon as the laws allow you to do it. You should know that you may apply for citizenship 5 years after you receive your green card or 3/less years if your green card is obtained through marriage.Ways-to-get-All-or-USA-Citizenship-for-any-Overseas-Husband-or-wife
  3. Don’t pack anything that would indicatethat you plan to remain in the USA beyond the time allowed in the visa if you enter USA as a tourist.
  4. Inform the USCIS about any address changes. In case you stay longer than 30 days, you should inform the USCIS about such changes during 10 days of your change of address. You should print, fill out and mail Form AR-11 or go through USCIS’s online change of addreess service.
  5. File multiple immigration visa petitions. In case you are applying for a green card or immigration visa through the petition of a family member, it will be necessary to check the eligibility of the whole family.
  6. Be on time to every appointment with USCIS. In case you arrive late for retro_vintage_be_on_time_wall_clockappointments, it can result in deportation or delays.
  7. Follow the rules and don’t break the laws.  Keep in mind that violation of rules means deportation.
  8. Save copies. They are your proof in case your documents are lost.
  9. Conduct a research from reliable sources and don’t rely on common myths or rumors.
  10. Ask for help in case you need it. In case you are having difficulties, you must contact an U.S. congressperson.USA_Immigration_green_card





Keep in mind that each immigration case is different and unique. Your success is in your hands. For additional information, visit the USCIS website or consult an immigration lawyer.

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