Dreaming of Working Abroad? Find out How to get a Temporary Work Visa

All of us know how many people nowadays work abroad. It is important to stay legally in the foreign country, that’s why you need a temporary visa for it.

Temporary worker visa is issued for persons who want to enter United States for imagesemployment lasting a fixed period of time that is not considered permanent or indefinite. According to The U.S. Department of Homeland Security(DHS) during 2012 there were 165 million non-immigrant admissions to the United States. 1,900,582 of these admissions were temporary worker visas.

Temporary worker visas classifications

  1. The CNMI allows employers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to apply for temporary permission to work under other non-immigrant worker categories.
  2. The E visas are issued for nationals of a treaty to be admitted to U.S. to work e-visa2temporary. They include:                    E-1 – treaty traders and qualified employees;                                      E-2 -treaty investors and qualified employees;                                         E-2C – long term foreign investors in the CNMI;                                                                                                                      E-3 -professionals from Australia
  3.  The H type of visas grant temporary, specific, prearranged employment to a images (1)foreign national in the U.S. H Visa Types:                 H-1B visas are issued for individuals who work in a specialty occupation;                       H-1B1 is for Chile and Singapore;                   H-1B2 is for specialty workers for the U.S. Department of Defense;                                H-1B3 is issued for fashion models.                                                                                      H-2A is for temporary or seasonal agricultural workers;                                           H-2B is for non-agricultural workers;                                                                          H-3 type of visa is for trainers.
  4. The L-1 non-immigrant classification enables a U.S. employer to transfer an downloadexecutive or manager from one of its affiliated foreign offices in the United States:                                         L-1A is meant for intra-company transferees in managerial or executive positions;                              L-1B is issued for intra-company transferees in positions utilizing specialized knowledge.
  5. O-visa is for the persons with extraordinary abilities in sciences, arts, education, business, athletics or TV production.
  6.  P-visa is issued for non-immigrants that will be coming to the United States to perform in athletics or entertainment. Types of P-visa:                                               P-1 is for internationally recognized athletes;                                                             P-2 is for individual performers of a part of a group entering to perform under a reciprocal exchange program;                                                                                     P-3 is for artists or entertainers.
  7. Q-1 visas are issued for the persons who participate in an international cultural exchange program for the purpose of providing practical training, employment and sharing the history, culture and traditions of the alien’s country.q1
  8. R-1 visas are for religious workers.r1
  9. TN visa, allows non-immigrant NAFTA professionals from Canada and Mexico to seek temporary entry into the U.S. to engage in business activities at a professional level.

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