Writing an Effective Biography on Legal Bistro Helps Attorneys Get New Clients!

Why should a lawyer bother to write an outstanding biography and why is it the most important part of the lawyer profile? It’s so simple!

A bio is a snapshot of a lawyer’s professional experience:

  • who they are,

  • what they do,

  • specialist expertise and

  • examples of client work.

A good biography “sells” their expertise to potential new clients.

According to Great Jakes’ research (2010) 56% of law firm’s website traffic goes to lawyer biographies.

pie_chartSurprised? But it makes sense. Clients should and want to know about the people that will represent them in court and who they will spend quite a lot of time with, discussing their case issues.

So, Lawyers! Your Legal Bistro Biography is the first thing that consumers read about you when viewing your profile. Do your best to create a good biography on Legal Bistro in order to stand out from the competition.

It is important for consumers to find not only a qualified professional, but also a trustworthy person, someone pleasant to deal with. So your objective here is to present yourself in a way that the client would want to contact you and to continue to cooperate later.

How to do that? Just show them you’re a human as well, not a law machine, show them you’re approachable and not as intimidating as they might have thought. It is very important because many people are just tense about the lawyers and consequently try to avoid retaining a lawyer for this very reason.

 So you have to make it really special and appealing for them to want to contact you.

  • Show your clients that you are an interesting person by describing your hobbies and sharing some details of your personal life. Don’t make reading your biography a slippery thing.
  • On Legal Bistro, your biography can be as long as you want, so don’t restrain yourself, make sure you mark everything you consider worth mentioning.

  • You may choose different colors and font sizes and styles to make your biography vivid. So express yourself to the full! Bring your biography to life!

  • You can also add pictures and videos to your bio! That can be fun or can make the clients get what you want to say better. As you know, a picture paints a thousand words so don’t waste a good chance!

  • Try to keep it fresh! Don’t forget to update your biography if any major changes take place in your life. That’ll keep it up-to-date so it won’t lose its value for clients.

    A good attorney’s biography is a part of a basic attorney marketing strategy. So, don’t lose your chance to attract new clients! Follow our instructions and write an unforgettable biography on Legal Bistro that will work for you! Good luck!


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