Signs Of Domestic Violence And Abusive Relationship

Domestic or family violence can happen to anyone. This problem is very often denied or excused, especially in the cases when the abuse is of psychological nature.


Domestic or family violence occurs when one person is taking control over the other and dominates him or her. Domestic violence includes:

  • physical violence
  • verbal threats of physical violence
  • emotional/psychological abuse


The reason of the violent behavior of the abuser is to maintain control over the other person. Family violence often begins with verbal abuse and threats and escalates to physical abuse. Physical violence is use of physical force against someone, so that it results in injuries, bruises, scratches. Unwanted sexual activity is also a form of physical abuse.


While the signs of physical abuse can be seen, emotional abuse is harder to detect. Although let’s not under appreciate it’s consequences. Emotional violence destroys your self-worth and independence. It includes blaming, shaming, yelling and it leaves sometimes more serious psychological injuries and scars than physical violence.


The abuser can use different tactics to manipulate you, intimidation, isolation, threats, dominance, humiliation can be ones of them.  If you fell that you need legal help, don’t be scared to consult one of our qualified family lawyers who will be on your side and act in your best interests. Come to Legal Bistro and let us help you!

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