Mediation 1+1=3. When Two Fight the Third intervenes

Many times the act of justice leaves the parties unsatisfied with the judicial decision and generates conflict between them, because one of them thinks he lost in “looser-winner” game. Mediation is a good alternative in solving problems between two conflicting parties.


Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party intervenes between two conflicting parties to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable decision. It is an effective tool for resolving almost all civil non criminal disputes. Mediation generally takes a much less time that litigation resulting in less hourly fees paid to the attorneys and mediator.

mediation-mediator-2If you want to have a family mediation session, you should prepare a statement or summary of the dispute and the desired outcome to be presented during mediation and the court hearing. This may include gathering relevant documents such as receipts, bills, police reports and/or detailed accounts of the incidents involved.

If you are afraid that your mediation fails, you have to know that you will still have the right to resolve your dispute by filling a lawsuit. In the cases when the mediation agreement is violated, parties may wish to take additional steps such as re-entering mediation or to hire an arbitrator to settle the dispute.

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