How To Enforce A Divorce Decree

divorce decreeDuring a divorce process, a court enacts a divorce decree. Usually this is a court order that must be followed by both ex-spouses. If one of the ex-spouses fails to act in accordance with it, the other ex-spouse can take steps to enforce this order.

If you have problems with your ex-spouse abiding the divorce decrees, you should firstly request the proper forms from your local courthouse. You can take them home and fill them our carefully describing in detail each breach of the divorce decree. It is important to include a description of how the breach has impacted you and docsyour children, if you have ones. For more credibility, don’t forget to attach any written proof of the violations to the completed paperwork:

  • emails
  • invoices
  • correspondence and others.


Make sure you don’t attach you original documents because the court will keep them, so making copies of them is a better option. All the papers should be served to your ex-spouse and after that, a document that states you had your ex-spouse served with the paperwork should be completed. The last step would be appearing at the courthouse on the date for the hearing. The judge can make their decision immediately while you are still in the court or mail it to you and your ex-spouse within 10 to 14 days. If you need legal assistance with your enforcement of decrees case, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified family law lawyer. At Legal Bistro you can find the right lawyer for your case and remain anonymous until you decide to reveal your identity to the lawyer. The service is 100% free for the customers! You have nothing to lose!


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