Stop Employment Discrimination Now! Equal Employment Opportunities For Everyone!

equalEveryone has the right to equal employment opportunities. Unfortunately a lot of people were denied jobs because they are different. An employer cannot discriminate against a worker due to their membership in a protected class. Characteristics of a protected class are:


  • race color
  • national origin
  • sex
  • religion
  • age
  • disability
  • pregnancy
  • sexual orientation (in some states and cities)

It is illegal for any employer to use employment practices with discriminatory effect such as refuse to hire, deny training or discipline, pay less, demote, harass or fire a worker due to their special characteristics.

987654321If you believe that you have been discriminated, you have to prove that your employer mistreated you or intended to treat you differently because of your membership in a protected class. You can establish you preliminary case by showing that you are a member of a protected class and you applied for the job that was open. If you were qualified for the job but weren’t hired and the position remained open, that could be a discriminatory act against you.

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