Get Hired! Twitter will help you!

Looking for a job? Spending lots of time on writing your resume? Don’t worry, today it may be enough for you to write just 140 character resume and your short resume can be simply “tweeted” on Tweeter. Also, it is no longer called “resume”. Nowadays, it is called “twesume”. Often times Twesume tweet is included with the hashtag #twesume or directly messaged to employee. “Twesume” is a contraction – blending of two words “Twitter” and “resume”. Even though the word has not been included into any dictionaries, twesume is a very popular practice. According to the statistics, 92% of hiring managers in 2010 used or planned to recruit via social networks.

However, compelling “sell yourself” 140 character resume is not enough to be considered as a potential employee for any of the companies. You also need to be sure that your profile looks professionally. Most employers are not that interested in your scuba diving pictures. They would rather see you as a professional in the pictures.

Your name should be appropriate for your account. If you are not comfortable using your full name, pick a nick name but the one that relates to your field.

If you set a background image make sure it does not interfere with the area of your specialization. Also, add personal contact information: your website, URL to your LinkedIn account and your e-mail address.

What are the companies that have started accepting links to jobseekers’ blogs and social networking accounts instead of traditional resumes?

 According to the recent CNN article entitled “’Twesumes’ hype or helpful?”, last year U.S. venture capital firm Union Square Ventures and a handful of American tech companies were to only accept links to jobseekers’ “web presence” – from blogs to Twitter accounts – instead of traditional resumes.

Earlier this year, the chief marketing officer of U.S. technology company Enterasys, Vala Afshar, announced that he would only consider Twitter applications for a senior social media strategist position with a six-figure salary. All candidates were supposed to use the hashtag #socialCV and possess more than 1,000 Twitter followers.

Afshar says he heard from hundreds of applicants and selected 15 for in-person interviews.

“The main point of this process is that the selection committee, including me, never references their CV,” he wrote to CNN in an email. “The process was purely a digital research and conversation-oriented recruitment process.”

Thus, in order to be noticed nowadays you should be ‘web present’. Don’t miss an opportunity to put yourself directly in front of big time companies who are actively using social media to search for future employees.

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