Self-Defense as the Most Fundamental Human Right. Self-Defense Laws – Don’t be a Victim!


Every person has the right to defend themselves and the lives of persons they love in cases of personal attacks. Self-defense is the right to prevent suffering force or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence.


It is universally accepted that a person may protect themselves from harm under the appropriate circumstances even if such protection would normally constitute a crime. All states and the federal government permit the use of a Self-defense Argument when accused of a violent crime.

Colorado-Self-Defense-LawSelf defense is justified in cases when it was a response to an immediate physical threat or it was a response to a verbal threat, but only when the victim was placed in an immediate fear of physical harm. Self defense is no longer justified in cases when the threat has ended because it would be considered retaliatory. The use of self-defense must also match the level of the threat in question.

Imperfect Self-defense constitutes use of force to defend yourself from a perceived threat, this means that the threat wasn’t objectively reasonable. This type of self-defense doesn’t excuse the accused from a crime of violence but it can lessen the penalties and charges involved.  If you need legal help and advise make sure you consult a qualified criminal lawyer. At Legal Bistro you can find the best ones!


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