Marijuana Leads To Increase In DUI Charges In California

Having to go to court for a plant might seem a bit much, especially when the plant we are discussing is marijuana. Understanding the laws of this popular plant is so complicated that even local law enforcement in the state of California can’t seem to understand how to handle this decriminalized herb. Marijuana leading to increase in DUI charges in California has become an issue to the court system and to the individuals receiving the DUI.

Most DUI cases end up leaving the defendant in jail for approximately 3 days while the judge gets to hear the case and decide what the sentencing will be. Facing legal actions for being high on a plant that is known to ease tension should be a crime itself, due to the fact that more and more doctors are being summoned to court after dealing with patients all day to clarify that the defendant is in fact under the prescription of marijuana, and is allowed to smoke this non harmful plant. Driving under the influence of marijuana according to the State of Colorado and Washington is an acceptable thing, and although the Feds never really approved the use of marijuana, state law seems to be passing all kinds of legalities that tells the individual how to operate after smoking marijuana. However, given that the plant has not been fully legalized in California, it is leading to the increase in DUI arrests.

According to the law, having a medical marijuana script from a certified doctor that claims that you have anxiety problems or need to medicate on marijuana due to illness and stress is a good enough reason to be able to acquire medical cannabis legally. However, operating motor vehicles when under the influence of Marijuana is Highly Illegal!!!  When a police officer makes an arrest based on his judgement because the driving seems to be hindered, the officer is given the task of determining the cause of hindered abilities.  The high could be the cause of alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs.  Whatever the cause, in California, the court rooms are extremely strict when it comes to DUI Charges. Getting a DUI lawyer is the best option to make sure you do not get charged for a crime that can be prevented, given the grey areas on this ever popular weed.

DUI attorneys in California are working to improve public awareness on how marijuana use should be treated by local law enforcement, and understanding what your rights are as a medical cannabis patient can keep you out of trouble.  Bottom line is, at the present moment, don’t smoke bud and drive.  If you do get busted, the case itself should not cause the individual any more anxiety or stress, since that is the reason behind using medical marijuana in the first place; Rather, trust your case with a proven attorney who genuinely cares about the well being of their patient and outcome of the case.

Getting out of a DUI charge after getting a California marijuana DUI conviction is best approached after consulting with a DUI Attorney.  Craig M Sturm is a down to earth individual who happens to be an outstanding DUI Lawyer with decades of relationships developed inside the LAX county court house.  He cherishes the human relationship between him and his clients and fully understands that good people make bad mistakes.

Don’t let a bad mistake ruin your future and don’t follow up a bad mistake with a worse mistake by not contacting a DUI Lawyer.  Visit Craig’s complete Legal Bistro Profile.

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