How Does The Criminal Justice System Work?

Criminal justice system is meant to control crime and prosecute those who violate laws. Asking yourself how does the criminal system work? Well, a case begins with:


  • investigation of the crime by the law enforcement officers
  • gathering evidence to identify the perpetrator and use it against them
  • making an arrest
  • examination of the evidences by the court and determining whether the defendant is guilty or not
  • if guilty, the convicted party will go to prison or receive probation.

mirandaEvery criminal suspect has “Miranda Rights” (also called Miranda Rule or Miranda Warning) meant to protect the suspect from answering self-incriminating questions before they are interrogated. Ones the case is brought to the court, the defendant gets a lot of protections to ensure a fair trial for them, such as right to counsel, right to a jury trial and others.

The corrections for the convicted defendant include probation and incarceration. A probation can be supervised, when the offender is checking in regularly with an officer to ensure compliance with the terms of his probation. Unsupervised probation aims to leave a person on their own. Incarceration means housing a person in a jail or prison. If you have violated any criminal law, you should contact a criminal attorney at Legal Bistro!

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