Evidences of Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

It is estimated that abuse of drugs and alcohol costs society over $110 billion each year through criminal behavior, unforeseen injuries and death, dependency treatments and other. This is the reason why state and federal laws prohibit the use, possession, trafficking  and manufacture of drugs.


Drug manufacture is the process of production, preparation or conversion of controlled substances by means of chemical processes. Drug cultivation means that the person is growing plants that are included in the group of controlled substances, these usually are marijuana, opium or hallucinogenic plants. Drug manufacturing or cultivation is regarded as a more serious crime as drug possession, because it is mostly linked to drug distribution.


Drug cultivating and manufacturing evidences are:

  • possession of the substances that are used in cultivating process
  • possession of plant’s seeds
  • grow lamps
  • hydroponic equipment
  • possession of chemicals
  • specialized equipment
  • drug lab


Even if you don’t have any amount of the illegal drugs, the possession of the listed things leads to drug manufacturing or cultivation charges. The severity of the penalties depend on quantity of the produced drug, your location and the type of the drug. If you are charged with this drug crime, you should consult our experienced lawyer to protect your legal rights and understand better the criminal justice system.

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