Easy way to get rich – easy way to jail. Larceny Or Theft Is Not A Solution!

rrrrrrrrrrrrThe modern media popularizes the life of reach and beautiful. Everyone would like to have a better live and sometimes the desire of having more money or goods may lead to unlawful criminal actions. Some people think that stealing is the easiest way to get richer and that is the reason why larceny or theft are committed so often.

Criminal law basically categorizes larceny as a form of theft that means taking of someone else’s property without using force from the location different from their home.


Larceny consists of unlawful taking of person’s property and carrying it away. In this case someone else’s property means that the larceny occurs when the property belongs to someone else. If the property is co-owned and it was stolen from the co-owners by another one, it is also larceny. Larceny occurs without the owner’s consent, what means that the owner didn’t give his approval to remove the property, and the taker’s intent is to permanently deprive the owner of use of his or her property.

Depending on the type of property that was stolen and its actual worth we can define two types of theft.

  1. petty theft/larceny or “petit” occurs when the property values below a certain amount of money (i.e. $1000)
  2. grand theft/larceny occurs when the stolen property is worth more than petty theft limit

tttttttttttttttLarceny is not a “harmless” crime. It is punishable by criminal fines and sometimes even by jail sentence, especially when aggravating factors take part in this process. Repeated offense, usage of weapons or if larceny was a part of more serious crime, can be regarded as aggravating factors.

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