Don’t Drive/Ride (Anything) Drunk in the State of Kentucy

So if you thought that you’ve heard it all about cracking down on driving while intoxicated, the State of Kentucky has just raised the bar.  In the law Blog - Lowering the Bar – there was a recent posting entitled: Don’t Ride Drunk in Kentucky that reported on this incident.

a 55-year-old Jessamine County man had been cited for riding while intoxicated. The man said he was trail-riding with some friends and had stopped to have something to eat “when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse.” He explained that he is severely diabetic and hadn’t eaten, and that is why he staggered after dismounting, not because he was intoxicated.

Unfortunately, his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit, that he was found to be carrying rolling papers and a bag of marijuana, and that his saddle bags contained “several beers and a mason jar which he identified as ‘moonshine.'”

The man was charged with a violation of Section 189.520, “Operating a vehicle not a motor vehicle while under influence of intoxicants or substance which may impair driving ability prohibited.” I think that means, first, that whoever writes statute titles for Kentucky should be fired, but that won’t help the defendant.

The following is an interesting YouTube video that addresses some of these issue:

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