Drug Use. Why is it Illegal to Escape the Reality?


One of the most widely-spread problem in the whole world are illegal drugs. This refers also to United States. When people get tired or bored of what they have, they want changes, and the easiest way for it is to use drugs. In addition to possession, manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs, drug use is also a crime.


It is illegal to use following substances unless they are legally prescribed by your doctor for health reasons:

  • depressants
  • hallucinogens
  • narcotics
  • steroids
  • chemicals that are used in production of drugs
  • prescription medicines

Some people use drugs for recreational purpose, in this case drugs are used irregularly for more fun and are claimed to be non-addictive. Chronic and permanent use of a drug so that your body depends on it is already addictive use.


One might think that drug use itself isn’t a great crime, and every one should decide for themselves whether they use drugs or not, but let’s not forget that drug abuse leads to further crimes, motivated by the user’s need for money in order to continue to use drugs. Some of these crimes include larceny or theft, aggravated assault, DUI, car theft, drugs sale, breaking and entering etc.

According to the World’s Health Organization’s survey, Americans use the highest level of marijuana and cocaine. So, this is a great problem of the society and no one should ignore this. Drug use affects every aspect of person’s life and may lead to serious consequences. Each state has different laws when it comes to drug use, make sure you contact a qualified lawyer, because we are here to help you!

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