Drug Trafficking And Distribution. Drug Trafficking Defenses

Drug Trafficking is a global problem that also affects United States. Although the law fights every day with this issue, there are still significant drug trafficking problems in the United States. According to Drug Enforcement Administrations (DEA) there are over 30,000 annual arrests related to distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs.

drug traffickingDrug trafficking or distribution includes transportation, selling and illegal import of controlled substances. Drug distribution is more serious crime as drug possession and is regarded as felony. It  is also illegal to distribute prescription drugs like pain killers, sleeping pills etc.

drugs pillsDEA reports that in 2006 there were found within the borders of USA the following amounts of drugs:

  • Marijuana - 660,969 kg
  • Cocaine - 49, 823 kg
  • Heroin - 598 kg
  • Methamphetamines - 1,540 kg
  • Hallucinogens – 9,199,693 units

Most of the drugs are imported from Colombia and Mexico. Any state that borders Mexico is involved in a drug war. Drug trafficking penalties are very severe. The charges will depend on the type of the controlled substance or drug, to whom they were sold (i.e. minors) and where they were sold (i.e. school zone).

penalty3Despite the fact of being accused of drug trafficking, there are still a couple of defenses that you can use. If the drugs were found in your car, you can claim that they aren’t yours and belong to someone else or you didn’t know you were transporting drugs due to the packaging of the “transported goods”. Another commonly used defense is entrapment, like someone set you up or forced you to do this so you had no other way. Each state has different laws when it comes to drug crimes. Make sure you contact an experienced drug trafficking lawyer to be legally represented during the trial. Need a lawyer and don’t know where to find one? Come to Legal Bistro and find the right attorney for your case!

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