SpyFu – Top Reported Key Words – Legal Terms Top List


This short article is our second is a series of blog postings targeted at online advertising and key words in the legal services market.

According to information reported by SpyFu, a Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) company that specializes in building Key Word Ad Campaigns, legal words top the list of key words with the Highest Cost Per Click.

The above list was an extract taken from the Top 100 Key Words With the Highest Cost Per Click List published by SpyFu.  Additional information can be found at the following link: http://www.spyfu.com/TopList.aspx?listId=3

Law firms are beginning to spend a significant amount of their marketing the most budgets in online advertising and are targeting some of lucrative personal injury, workers’ compensation and product liability cases in the market such as those for mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Blogging Can Significantly Influence Consumer Purchasing Decisions

  • Women are more active social media users than men.
    Overall, one-half (49.0%) of female respondents—
    including 3-in-5 (58.6%) moms— visit social media sites
    at least a few times per day, versus one-third
    (34.0%) of men.
  • Audiences follow their favorite content sites on social
    media. A majority (62.0%) of independent web users “like”
    or follow their favorite content sites on social media.
  • Consumers get social with brands. Overall, one-half
    (49.1%) of respondents “like” or follow brands on social
    media. Two-fifths (41.8%) never do.
  • Bloggers cast an influential net with their audiences. Of
    respondents who visit or read blogs, 2-in-3 (65.5%) say
    a brand mention or promotion within context of the blog
    influences their purchasing decisions.
  • Consumers interact with socially enabled display
    advertising. One-quarter (25.4%) of all respondents—and
    31.7% of moms—say they are likely to follow a brand on
    social media if the brand is promoted in an online ad.